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How do you run your web?

Are you tired of paying those high Java development costs?

Want a solution that allows your RPG developers to create dynamic web content?

Damon Technologies has the answer.

Prepare yourself for the next evolution of RPG.


RSP (RPG Server Pages)

RSP is the latest in the evolution of RPG.

By integrating HTML directly with RPG, developers are able to create web applications visually. Saving your organization money and increasing productivity.

  Previously there were two main ways to develop web applications on an iSeries.


  • Extremely processor intensive.
  • Requires retraining current staff, hiring expensive Java developers or bringing in very expensive contractors.


  • Difficult development environment. The developer must string together text and variables, run the program, adjust the text, repeat, and repeat, and repeat, until the web page finally looks acceptable. This wastes time.
Now there is RSP!

Features at a Glance:

  • Combine the efficiency of RPG with the flexibility of the Internet.
  • Leverage the existing RPG skills of your programmers.
  • Embed HTML and JavaScript embed into the RPG code. Allowing for faster development.
  • Use a graphical IDE for rapid development.
  • Save money with a low processor requirement. No need to spend $30K to $200K upgrading your iSeries.
  • Get up and running fast. Publish web pages within hours of installing RSP.
  • RSP is the most cost effective solution for the iSeries.


** RSP requires OS400 V4R5 and above.

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